On Site Nutrition Program

What’s For Lunch

If you’re looking for somewhere good to eat…

Our meal program is a central part of the activities that take place in our primary senior center and our four satellite centers. Providing an eligible person one hot or other appropriate meal is just one of the many services that our seniors enjoy. Many of our seniors and participants plan activities at our centers that take place before and after the meal. Many others simply like to meet their friends and enjoy the opportunity to socialize.

  1. We provide a nutritious meal on a daily basis Monday through Friday at the senior center from 11:30 Until 12:30. This meal is 1/3 of the daily recommended dietary intake. All menus are prepared by a registered dietician.
  2. We provide meals at four additional sites as follows:

    Tuesdays Only At:
    Coal City (Old Stoco High School) from 11-12

    Monday through Friday:
    Manor House Apts. from 11-12
    Wildwood House Apts. from 11-12

    * See Map of Site Locations

  3. Contact Norman Neal, Head Cook, for additional information.