Nutritional Services

In addition to our other services we also provide nutrition to the seniors of Raleigh County.  Our meals are designed by a nutritionist to be balanced in nutritional value and provide our program participants with the proper nutrients to maintain a balanced diet.  Not only that, but they taste good, too!  With the ongoing concerns of adequate and proper nutrition for people as they age we are continuously striving to improve our nutrition services to the seniors of our county.

Meals are provided through two programs; the Congregate Meal program and the Home Delivered Meals program.  The Congregate Meal program serves meals daily or weekly at locations where participants will congregate for the meal.  The Home Delivered Meals program serves seniors who are unable to attend a congregate site and who cannot prepare a nutritional meal for themselves.  Please follow the links below for more information about these programs.

What’s for Lunch at the RCCOA?

Norman Neal
Head Cook / Kitchen Supervisor