Private Pay in Home Service

Periodically we receive referrals for elderly individuals who do not qualify for in home services due to their incomes.   For this reason, we developed our Private Pay Services.  To qualify for our Private Pay Program, you must be over 60 and live in Raleigh County.  We complete an assessment at the participants home or in the office and determine what areas of assistance they are needing such as transportation, personal hygiene, meal preparation or light housekeeping.  Hours are determined by the participant giving them more control over their needs being met.  They can determine what they need and what they can afford.   The cost of living these days place such a burden on our senior population living on fixed incomes and that is why we have never raised our rates since inception.  We charge $15.00 per hour.

The staff we send into the homes have been trained in the need for confidentiality.  The personal attendant has been drug tested and a criminal background check has been completed before they are hired with this agency.  Your safety is our concern and we do everything possible to see to it you get the best care at this stage in your life.

For further information contact Krysten Moore at 304-255-1397 ext 121 or Tersa Spears at 304-255-1397 ext 115.

Teresa Spears, Staffing Coordinator
Krysten Moore, Staffing Coordinator