Title III-E Caregiver Programs

A NEW and increasingly more important service!

Title III-E Caregivers Program is directed at primary caregivers of loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or a dementia related illness. The Respite Program entitles the primary caregiver an allotted amount of time each week from caring for their loved one. This is a donation based service but the patient must be over 60 years of age and reside in Raleigh County for the caregiver to qualify. Trained attendants will come into the home to provide this service.

Is there a fee for IIIE services?

Yes. Participants are expected to provide a cost share of the hourly cost for the service. The cost share is calculated using a sliding fee based on the individual’s monthly income minus their medical expenses. The minimum cost share will be $1.50 per hour of service received by the participant.

Caregiver Education

We also offer classes in Caregiver Education, twice a year, free of charge, and taught by our own RN Director of Alzheimer’s Services, Terri Tilley.