Our organization has a small grant to help make our community’s services more positive and supportive for individuals living with dementia and their family caregivers.  The first step is to find out how our community is doing now, and the link below is to a survey that will get us started.  We want to build on what we’re already doing to increase our community’s dementia capability. 

Would you take the survey yourself and also forward it to others in your organization, especially anyone who deals directly with customers or clients, and encourage them to take the survey?  This is a baseline assessment.  There are no wrong answers, and all responses are anonymous.  We appreciate your help very much.  Thank you. 


Our commitment is to provide programs, activities, tools and information to assist seniors in living a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Whether you are just discovering us or if you have enjoyed the many services we offer, we welcome the opportunity to share our vision with the community. This website is part of our ongoing effort to get the word out to seniors and their family members in Raleigh County and its surrounding counties.

Here is just one example of the fun we have with our activities! For more information about the activities and programs we offer please visit our "Programs and Activities" page or our "Calendar" for details.